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You can get your Covid-19 test for travel or check-up in your place (Hotel,Home,Office) safely done.


The PCR test ensures that people carrying the COVID-19 virus are identified at the earliest stage, even if they do not have any symptoms. If you are planning to go abroad, you can get the results of your PCR tests, which are mandatory for entering some countries, as soon as possible.


The COVID-19 PCR test is a screening test performed to measure corona carriage by working with the PCR method in laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Health and having an accreditation certificate, by taking samples from the patient’s throat and nose with the swab method.

The nucleotides in the samples taken from the patient are reproduced under suitable conditions and examined. Private Viromed Laboratories is a laboratory authorized by the Ministry of Health to run the COVID-19 PCR test. In addition, TÜRKAK has the TS EN ISO 15189 ACCREDITATION certificate.

In order for the COVID-19 PCR test to give a reliable result, it is very important that the swab sample is taken from the right place. For example, it should be taken from the nasopharynx, where the virus is most concentrated, by specialist healthcare professionals. Otherwise, even if the person is infected with the corona virus, it may be negative due to technical errors in taking the culture material. Then, it is very important to send the culture sample taken to the authorized laboratory within the framework of hygiene rules.

The samples are taken for the COVID-19 PCR test according to the findings in the preliminary examination of those who apply to hospitals with complaints such as fever, cough, shortness of breath and diarrhea. In addition, people who have direct contact with people with a positive test result can be tested even if they do not show any symptoms.

The COVID-19 PCR test is the only way to identify positive cases in the community. In order to prevent positive cases, corona virus protection methods recommended by the Ministry of Health should also be applied.

Moreover, within the scope of the new normalization, governments of some countries are asking people to travel to their countries for a PCR test result that has been studied in the last 48 hours and is negative. For the COVID-19 PCR test, it is possible to have a test by applying to the health institutions authorized to take samples with your travel documents.

Depending on the laboratory conditions in which the test will be studied, the frequency of the test run and whether the culture sample is collected correctly, the PCR test result is usually obtained within 2 to 4 hours.

If the COVID-19 PCR test result is negative, it means that the person does not have corona virus. If the test result is positive, it means that the patient is corona virus infected or carrier of the virus.

Quick Result

Result of Standart PCR test is delivered
within 12-24 hours in Istanbul.
Result of VIP PCR test is delivered
within 8-12 hours in Istanbul.

Information Privacy

Your test results are delivered to you only within the framework of the confidentiality of patient information under the rules of Turkish Republic Protection of Personal Data Law.

Registered Standards

Viromed Laboratory is authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Health for COVID-19 tests.
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